CATS Cast Lists!!



Cinderella is at once beautiful, in a yet-to-be-discovered sort of way, and surprisingly clumsy and awkward. She persistently pursues her wish to go to the King's Festival, yet finds that "the Festival" ultimately does not meet her expectations. She should be able to sing well      and be funny.


Jack's own mother expresses her fear that Jack may not be the brightest boy. The
fact that Jack's best friend is the family cow, Milky White, further brings into question
his intelligence. However, Jack may enter the woods as a simple boy, but he leaves
much more grown-up. You'll want to cast an actor capable of this transition. In addition
to having many lines, Jack is responsible for singing two of the best-loved songs,
"I Guess This is Goodbye" and "Giants in the Sky." Therefore, he should be an excellent singer and a good actor. Further, it helps to have a young man whose voice has not
yet changed, although the score allows for a changed voice. This is a role that could conceivably be played by a young woman without changing the intended gender of the character.
Good actor, excellent singer, capable of transitioning from a simple boy to a more
grown-up young man

Jack's Mother

This woman is overworked, a bit frazzled, and overwhelmed with the tasks of raising
a young boy, running a farm, and making ends meet. Jack's Mother is described
physically as "not quite pretty" and should be comfortable playing frumpy. This is
mainly an acting role and therefore requires an actress with an easily projected, authoritative voice. Good actress, strong speaking voice


The Baker changes the most as a result of his journey through the woods. At first
 he is reluctant to seek the help of his wife. It is through the tribulations of gathering
the Witch's items that the Baker realizes, in order to achieve his wish, it will take the
 help of his wife. The Baker has one of the most difficult roles. He must be strong
willed, yet the audience must like him; while he's denying the help of his wife, he
must also portray a sense of needing and even wanting her help. The audience
should never doubt the Baker is a good-hearted person, trying to do what is right.
Strong actor, good singer

Baker's Wife

Into the Woods is truly an ensemble show. However, it is the Baker's Wife who
drives the show forward and ties the characters together. The Baker's Wife is
strong, determined, and patient. The audience should identify with her and root
 for a successful fulfillment of her wish. The role requires excellent singing and acting,
plus a good sense of comic timing. Excellent singer and actress, comic timing,
determined and patient, drives the play forward 

Little Red Ridinghood

Pushy, bratty, over-fed, and spoiled best describe this character at the opening of
the show. Her journey teaches her some very important lessons regarding strangers
and trust. Little Red must be able to be loud vocally (think ANNIE gone very bad) and
an actress able to be all the above, and still draw the audience's sympathy. 
Good actress, strong voice, pushy, bratty and spoiled  


The Witch begins the show as ugly, old, extremely aggressive, sarcastic, and powerful. Ultimately, she sacrifices her power for beauty. The Witch should be mysterious and mischievous, and yet we learn that she is really only doing what she thought was best for her child. The Witch is perhaps the ultimate "character" role and should be played by an actress able to physically and vocally interpret the role. Good actress, strong singer, mysterious, mischievous, mother to Rapunzel

Cinderella's Mother

This role is a one scene wonder. The voice should be pleasant. Cinderella's Mother is a collection of remembered mannerisms and sayings

Mysterious Man

This role is all that the name implies. The role may be doubled by the Narrator, as on Broadway, or may be played by a different actor.


This is the character who describes the action, but eventually gets involved...may be played by a woman- Engaging, charismatic, strong speaking voice, some singing, may double as Mysterious Man.


The Wolf can be played any number of ways. However, he should be properly slimy and a bit creepy.  This role may be doubled by one of the Princes.


Good speaking voice, fiesty and fierce, may be doubled with Cinderella's Mother 


Rapunzel must stand up to her mother and eventually leave her for the world. The role requires an excellent high soprano voice.


This servant to Cinderella's Prince is a nice featured role. Featured role, good singer

Cinderella’s Family 

the stepmother  
Good actress, good singer, selfish, mean and nasty


            > Good actresses and singers, stepsisters to Cinderella-spoiled brats  florinda

Cinderella’s father  Some group singing, seemingly no interest in his daughter's well-being, in one scene

*This family is a bit off-beat at best. Cinderella's Stepmother mocks her, represents the interests of her birth daughters over Cinderella's basic needs, and is selfish, mean, and nasty. Florinda and Lucinda are spoiled brats who will do anything to win the heart of the Prince -- even if it means sacrificing flesh from their bodies!

Rapunzel's Prince and cinderella's prince

 Pompous, conceited, and self-absorbed are the best ways to describe these brothers. They should be able to carry themselves with confidence that defies the Richter scale. They also have a bit of sibling rivalry! Both should be good, solid singers.